Friday, July 22, 2011

A little something for myself... and a bit of a "warning" =)

    Welcome! Welcome to my cyber home, as I shall call it. If you're reading this, I think it wise to consider yourself a very lucky individual. I suppose I should explain.

   As many of you know I have been a blogger. Or rather, I should say that I have attempted to blog in the past and have been told by many that my blogs are somewhat "funny."

Me? Funny?!?! YES. I'm hysterical.

    But I guess I should say that my blogs are as funny as they can be through my extensive filtration process...  
You see when you create a blog, well, people read it! (At least you're hoping they do) But through the process of creating my blog, I really started to like the fact that all the things racing around in this mind of mine can be put to print and I considered it to be a type of release. In all the funny situations that might occur in my life, or rantings of frustration; I internally monologued it all as a blog post.

"How funny this would be to people..."
"I bet so many people could agree with me on that..." and so on.

But so many posts went unwritten.

    All of the many thoughts in my head that I wanted to turn loose, were kept hidden. Why? Well you see my readers might not be on board with my sense of humor.

    This blog was actually an inspiration of my father's. Yep, ma' dad!. A simple little conversation with children screaming in the background and a simple remark really made me think.

"You're a good writer," He said. "Your blog is funny, and you should write more" (I'm paraphrasing there a bit but it was the general comment.
    I then; for some odd reason, felt the need to vent about how people that don't my sense of humor or agree with the things I might do read my blog and heaven forbid, I might offend someone! I then go on to mention how I should start a blog that is just for me. For me, and the few that I invite to read my little bloggy creation.

Actually let me recant that.

I'm going to invite everyone. At least most people I converse with on Facebook. I'm thinking I might exclude my husband's side of the family because they are already worried about the salvation of our immortal souls as it is! This might make them pee their pants...

So a warning:

  • This blog in not politically correct. 
  • I use really shitty language (I keep it to the inner thoughts when the children are around. I'm not total white trash, geez)
  • I have a dirty sense of humor and I love a good dirty joke...
  • I don't hide much and I'll talk about anything.

Read this at your own risk. If you think there is any possible way you might be at all offended, don't read it. No really. I'm not everyone's cup of tea.
    That's not to say that I won't write about the good stuff too. I'm totally down to blog about the awesome trip to the park we had and how friggin' cute my kids are. Don't think you're escaping that stuff!

There will be boring videos, and pictures of my kids and updates to my business... yes my friends, this will be the most well rounded blog you have ever read in your life!

So stay tuned...